Blog Naming Basics: Before Deciding On A Name For Your Blog

What should you keep in mind while choosing a blog name? Whether you are wondering How to Come Up With a Blog Name or already have one in mind you want to use, there are a few Blog Naming Basics and Important Things to Keep in Mind While Naming a Blog. Before Deciding On A Name For Your Blog be sure to follow these Tips for Naming Your BLOG! Here’s How to Choose a Blog Name That’ll Grow With Your Brand!

Blog Naming Basics

Whether you’re trying to decide on a name for your blog, or already have a name in mind you want to use be sure to do your research to see if anyone else is already using it, and if so how? Also, is the website URL (i.e. available? What about the social media username handles for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok etc…? Can you get the same handle on every platform such as @YourBlogName? I mean you want to look uniform like a real brand and business or should I say BLOG online! It’s called Branding!

Also, I always get this question or resistance to being on every social platform. For instance, if you don’t think you’ll use Twitter, why make an account? Well, one day you might want to use Twitter and you might not be able to get the same matching username you used on all your other accounts. It mainly comes down to branding and having the handle if you decide to use it. Or maybe you just don’t want someone else impersonating your brand? Either way, it’s a good idea to grab all the same matching social handles and URL if at all possible from the start. No one is forcing you to use them!

There are a few places I would start to do some research before deciding on a name for your blog, buying the domain, securing the social handles etc… And these are in no particular order. But, here is how I came up with the name for my blog, or this blog should I say which is the

Tips for Naming Your BLOG

I wanted the name to be Less than 15 characters so that it would work on all the social media platforms as they all have their own character limits. And I wanted it to include the Keyword “BLOG” in the name. I also thought about how I wanted it to be a “school, course, etc… some kind of program where people thought they were learning. So I chose the “Club” part because it sounded more like “community, secretive, exclusive, you name it”.

Plus I thought it was cool to say join my club! or Check out my “Club”. I also wanted something easy to remember and kinda catchy too! I wanted it to be VERY OBVIOUS what my BLOG aka website and content was about not just to visitors but for SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Be Descriptive
  • Ensure Blog Name = Domain Name
  • Make it Unique
  • Keep it short & Easy To Memorize
  • Use Keywords in Your Name


Now that I had a name I wanted to use in mine next thing was to see if it was available. So I started doing research online. I’m going to want to check places like: Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok etc…? sometimes I’ll even start with a name checking service.

Start Searching Google!

The best place to start but doesn’t have to be your first move is Google! I use a Google Chrome Browser to search for almost everything. Searching Google will tell you if anyone else is using Your Blog Name and if so how? Competition can be a good thing. I know some people use the term “Born To Blog” but it wasn’t a make-or-break order deal. Maybe it will even help you show up in search results next to other related brands too!

I searched for “Born to Blog” and “Born to Blog Club” a few different ways to see what came up.

Use Name Checking Services

A good place to start is by using an all-in-one Name Checking service and you can easily find plenty of them with a quick search on Google for “Name Checker or Business Name Checker.” They will search the URL and the Social Media handles to see what’s available (or taken).

While these name-checking services are a great place to start. I would take it a step further to verify the information. Often times they say the social media usernames and handles are taken and not available but that’s not always accurate.

Check Website URL Availability

Now I will pull up all these websites in different tabs, same browser so I can search them all at once and easily flip between GoDaddy (usually this is where I buy my domain names) I’ll also have tabs open for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok etc…? so that I can search the usernames and @handles

See if the Instagram username & @handle are taken!

Next, I’ll run a search on Instagram to confirm no one is already using the username and @handle for @YourBlogName for this one it would be @BornToBlogClub you can try searching Instagram. But I’ll type in my Google Chrome Browser and see what comes up! You’ll probably get a message that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.” or something similar.

See if the Twitter username & @handle are available!

Next, I’ll search Twitter to see if the username and @Handle are available I want to use via i.e. Just replace the end with Your Blog Name i.e. If the username is available you should see a message that says “This account doesn’t exist. Try searching for another.” And you can also search for users via the search function on Twitter for @YourBlogName for instance @BornToBlogClub or mine personally is @BloggingBrandi

See if the Facebook username is available!

Same process with Facebook. You can try Facebook’s search function, but I find it easier to confirm if the username and handle you want to use are available via the browser. For this blog, I typed into my Google Chrome Browser. You would just replace it with Your Blog Name i.e.

But, if the username is available in most cases you’ll get a scream that says “This content isn’t available right now…” You could go through the process of changing your own username and see if it says “It’s available” when you try to change it, But do NOT actually change the name unless you’re ready to use it.

However, make sure you are setting up a Facebook PAGE and not just using your personal profile. Although usually, you have to have a personal profile to set up and manage a Page. — (I think that is not 100% true now but IDK) Either way you want a page not just a personal profile for your blog to truly be like a business!

See if the Pinterest username is available!

Before choosing a name for my blog I also would (and did) run a search on Pinterest either manually using their search function or typing the URL For this blog I used But if the username and handle you want to use are not taken most likely you’ll feel like you’re going in circles randomly landing back on an “Explore Pinterest” Page. Because if the URL and name were available it would take you to that page!

See if the LinkedIn username is available!

LinkedIn is a little different in how it allows you to create pages for your business or brand. similar to Facebook. I wouldn’t worry so much about LinkedIn, but of course, do your research and see what comes up. Either way with Linkedin you have to register as a “person” with a personal profile before creating a company page for a brand page etc… For Born To Blog Club I used but for my personal profile you can see the URL is a little different i.e. One person can set up multiple pages for their different brands underneath their profile.

See if the YouTube username is available!

YouTube is also a social media platform where people can search for you and mention you by your username or @handle so you’ll want to see if the username is available for For this blog, I search the URL But, if the name is not available you can always add TV to the end of Your Blog Name i.e., or use something VERY similar.

If the name is not taken you will probably land on a page with a message that says “This page isn’t available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else” and gives you a search bar.

See if the TikTok username is available!

Another popular social media platform you’ll want to check is TikTok to see if the username you want to use is taken or not! I would try searching TikTok itself for Your Blog Name and try the URL but I always have an issue when I search for my own brands like this blog via if I use CAPITAL LETTERS vs all lower case. I’m NOT SURE WHY that can cause an issue but maybe it’s me! lol

After Doing Your Research

If all your research checks out both website URL, social media usernames and handles are available then the next steps are to secure them!

That means heading over to GoDaddy and Buying the Domain Name

Next, I would actually make a seperate Gmail account to use either or something simple. You’ll need it to set up all your social media account and will also want to keep your “Blog stuff” seperate from your “Personal things” or personal email vs BLOG Gmail (aka email address).

Then, Secure all the same matching social media usernames and @handles by creating an account on the major platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok etc… so people can find and tag you @YourBlogName on social media! Do NOT worry about setting up a website or adding a profile pic, bio etc. to all your social media accounts just secure the username and @handles you can always come back to perfect those things later on!

What if Your BLOG Name is Taken?

BUT, What if you DO NOT have a name for your blog, cannot come up with one, or what if the name you want to use is taken?

If Your Blog Name is taken try using a variation like I did with “Born To Blog Club” — I would have liked to just use BornToBlog but several different people used this name online and it just wasn’t going to work. So I came up with a similar variation of the same words, that were still SEO Keyword Friendly for the term BLOG!

If you’re trying to come up with a name for your blog and need some ideas try searching Google for “Blog Name Generators” or better yet “Business Name Generators” and a list of them will pop up! Type a word or two you want in your blog name, and get a list of blog name ideas and suggestions instantly!

Here are a few Blog Name Generators:

Can’t wait to read your comments below and hear your thoughts on this post. Also, don’t forget to Sign Up for the FREE NEWSLETTER & Join The Born To Blog Club! 😉


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