Born To Blog Not Vlog

Born To BLOG (NOT Vlog)

This morning, I cried when I came to the realization… I was born to blog, not vlog. But, for the past 5 years, I’ve done quite the opposite! You see WRITING is my passion! I love to journal and keep a spiral-bound notebook by my side. I have tons of them stacked in boxes. FULL of ideas, brainstorms, book ideas, projects, business plans, and soooooooo much more!

When I came up with the name “Blogging Brandi” it was EXACTLY for that purpose! I wanted to BLOG aka WRITE — my intended purpose was NOT to end up on YouTube VLOGGING about my life!

I’ve been struggling with this “thing” inside of me for a while and it wasn’t until I gathered a small group of students to share my strategy for creating an online business, blog, and brand that it became apparent what had happened to me on my journey!

Vlogging vs Blogging

Making a VIDEO takes TIME! You have to write the script and make sure you’re including a CTA (Call To Action), Introduction, and Ending. Then, you still have to record and edit them! Oh, and that’s just the beginning! Most people don’t understand that the REAL MAGIC happens AFTER you hit “Publish” on YouTube! In fact, it all goes down from the first 2 hours and you need to work hard for the next few days (48 hours) after that — this is if you want to put your video on the map for people to find it. I have a whole list of checks I do before, during, and after I hit publish, which go on for 6 months for EACH and EVERY VIDEO!

But, when I started My YouTube Channel I had no idea what I was doing! If you know MY STORY then you’d know that I only ever started a YouTube Channel because when I wanted to start a blog SOMEONE ELSE TOLD ME I would be good on YouTube. And, I do not doubt that as I have accomplished a lot. In fact, if it wasn’t for me starting a YouTube Channel I would’ve never known how to turn my blog into a business!

Making videos on YouTube has taught me so much. But, sometimes playing to the algorithm will leave you feeling exhausted and defeated! It’s a game of cat and mouse. If you think you’re just going to make a video, post it, and go viral you’re DEAD wrong! In fact, YouTube is a LONG TERM game depending on how you decide to use it.

If you want to use YouTube as an Entertainer QUANTITY is the name of the game. But, if you want to use YouTube as an Entrepreneur then QUALITY is how you’ll want to play! In fact, I USE YouTube to sell my products and services. But, the time it takes to produce a video is quite a bit longer than it takes to write a blog post!

Plus, you CANNOT change a video once you’ve published it! You can to an extent but not the way you’ll want to! Yet, a BLOG you can update day after day! If you forget to add something, it’s an easy fix!

Choosing To Blog vs Vlog?

Thinking back about the people that I followed to even get me here… ONE was a former TV Anchor! And The other was a VLOGGER! So of course that’s how I ended up stuck in the YouTube game! Instead, I should’ve listened to my intuition and started a BLOG (a REAL blog) a long time ago! I could’ve accomplished so much more in less time ya know?

It just made me realize how I was listening to EVERYONE else. I know me and my body. My strengths and weaknesses so WHY am I listening to ANYONE else but Myself!

I’m an introvert. My brain works best in SILENCE! Again I LOVE to write! Sometimes it’s just a brain dump, but writing for me is a release. I could write for days or even weeks.

I have so much content I’ve never shared, mainly because I wasn’t sure how to put it all in a YouTube video (aka VLOG)! The strange part is I’ve been working backward instead of forward.

It’s not that VLOGGING and YOUTUBE alone cannot work even without a WEBSITE they can and have for me! I just feel this URGE inside to BLOG NOT VLOG so I can be free to be me!

Looking back, I remember even starting here on Medium! I had a blog, I was writing and sharing but no one was caring because I didn’t know what I was doing. Who I was writing to or for? And HOW to MARKET my words, aka get people to READ my blogs! I even DELETED all my work at one point. It’s crazy that I’ve let so many other people influence me. I’ve learned to trust my intuition more than ever and that’s one other thing YouTube has given me.

So this year things will be different. I am going to BLOG without Boundaries and Maybe even NOT make another video (for a while). But, only time will tell.


If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi an EX-Corp Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a blogger, Creator, and Entrepreneur! I also have a Degree in Finance and am a Licensed Cosmetologist. Plus, I LOVE RVing and hanging out with my Dogs (& I have a Cat too!)…

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