Most Popular Types of Blogs To Start

When starting a blog, some of the most common questions asked: which are the most popular types of blogs, and what kind of blog should I start? How do you narrow down on Choosing a niche for your blog? When it comes to your blogging niche there are many different types of WordPress blogs covering a wide range of topics, interests, and audiences. For a successful blog, you need to plan ahead and choose the niche that works for you.

In this blogging for beginners article, I will share the most popular types of blogs that you can start right away. So if you’re wondering, Which type of blog should I start? Here’s a list of different types of blogs you can start today!

Most popular types of blogs you can start:

  • Business blog
  • Personal blog
  • Travel blog
  • Fashion blog
  • Fitness blog
  • Food blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Affiliate blog
  • Finance blog
  • Niche blog
  • Authority blog
  • Parenting blog
  • Beauty blog
  • DIY blog
  • News blog
  • Sports blog
  • Gaming blog
  • Design blog
  • Fitness blog
  • Food blog
  • Music blog
  • Tech blog
  • Pets blog
  • Reverse blog
  • Political blogs
  • Blogging Blog

Business Blog

Business Blogs. A business blog (or a corporate blog) is similar to a personal branding blog, except you’re promoting a business, instead of an individual. Business blogs are professional blogs related to corporate agencies, industries, and other companies. They offer a casual way to communicate with customers.

Personal Blog

Personal blogs belong to individual writers who share their experiences, adventures, and daily life with their audiences. The purpose of personal blogging can be anything from making a difference through positive stories to influencing readers with their own views. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, then you can start a personal blog and share your journey and experience.

Travel Blog

Travel blogs are like passports to exciting journeys of distant lands and wanderlust. These blogs take readers on journeys to exotic destinations. A travel blog is one of the most common types of blogs that people run. There are lots of people who dream of traveling, but many people are unable to do so. Therefore, a travel blog is a great way for someone to learn about different places without actually being able to go there themselves. Or, people might be interested in a travel blog because they are looking for ideas for places to go next. Lots of people like travel blogs because they are presented from the perspective of a traveler, they do not read like encyclopedia entries.

Fashion Blog

Fashion blogs are some of the most popular types of blogs on the internet. It’s a big industry with a huge global audience. A fashion blog is a blog that has different entries dedicated to various fashion topics. Fashion blogs help people look their best and keep up with the latest trends in fashion. A fashion blog can be part of an overall lifestyle blog

Fitness Blog

Health and fitness blogs have become well-liked by several demographics, and each blog caters to a specific audience. Fitness blogs are among the best types of blogs. They are often on trend since they cover important topics like health, wellness, general fitness, etc… Plus, share tips on fitness and nutrition. Many publish exercise videos and recipes on their social media platforms to inspire and mentor their followers.

Food Blog

Food is one of the most popular blog categories. Food blogs basically serve as the culinary storytellers of the digital space. They offer a delectable journey into the world of flavors! They attract a lot of readers who are interested in recipes, ingredients, healthy eating, fine dining, product reviews, etc… Food blogs range from baking blogs to vegan blogs to baby food blogs, and more!

Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blog. Although a strictly defined niche, a lifestyle blog allows you to address dozens of topics. They typically discuss the versatile characters in the online world, weaving together a cycle of daily life, interests, and experiences.

Affiliate Blog

Affiliate blogs are designed to generate commissions through affiliate marketing. You get a portion of each sale made through your link! An affiliate blog is a blog that posts content promoting other products and services. The blog owner typically writes product reviews or service reviews about others.

Finance Blog

A personal finance blog helps people manage their money. This niche covers investing and building wealth to frugal living, budgeting, getting out of debt, reduction/elimination, etc… Personal finance bloggers help readers in various ways with their finances. A lot of us need help and advice to manage our finances efficiently. This gives finance blogs a wide audience range!

Niche Blog

Niche blogs are websites that provide information about one specific topic and provide a lot of value through detail-oriented, in-depth posts.

That can be anything from broad interests like books and travel to hyperspecific subject matter such as how to use AI for content creation or testing out fitness gadgets.

People often niche down to stand out from the crowd of other blogs and attract a loyal, dedicated audience that they can monetize in one way or another. Niche bloggers focus primarily or exclusively on one subject.

Authority Blog

An authority blog or an authority site is one of the main places people go for information on a particular niche or topic. If you are looking to dominate your topic, then becoming an authority in your niche is what you want to do.

Parenting Blog

Parenting Bloggers and Parenting blogs are all about raising and building an incredible relationship with their children. Parenting blogs were originally an offshoot of the Mommy blogs, except they’ve become specialized. Parenting blogs cover the many challenges and concerns of parents. Sub-niches. You can find blogs on how to homeschool your children, raising twins, styles of discipline, childhood development, and many more!

Beauty Blog

Beauty is a popular niche where bloggers review products, post tutorial videos, and showcase their own services. Sub-niches include makeup, hair, skin, etc…

DIY Blog

DIY and craft blogs are very interesting and have a huge audience. This niche also has multiple sub-types like arts and crafts, home decor, etc… Some people prefer to tackle a project themselves instead of paying someone to do it for them. If that sounds like you, a DIY blog might be in order!

Craft and DIY Bloggers love creating things and sharing how they did it on their blog. If you’re creative and enjoy teaching others, DIY might be the best niche to start a blog!

News Blog

News blogs are the digital version of news stations on TV. Some are based in a local region, while others cover national and international events. News blogs are updated more frequently to cover the latest events. News can be about anything like climate change, scientific innovations, or technology. They often include political discourse and opinion columns… Breaking news blogs cover the latest news in a local or national sense.

Sports Blog

Sports blogging and Sports blogs are another interesting type of blog online. Every country in the world has different sports, and each sport has its own stars. Popular sports bloggers may also interview or produce engaging content with star athletes.

Gaming Blog

Gaming bloggers and Gaming blogs cover topics related to video games — including game guides and reviews on the best tech, consoles, gaming PCs, etc… Plus, upcoming tournaments, industry news, instructional content, and anything else you can think of when it comes to gaming technology…

Gaming blogs cater to a large community of gamers looking for articles about the latest games, gaming hardware, events, game cheats, and more.

Design Blog

Decorating bloggers cover interior design trends and how to implement them in your own home. You’ll find room or theme-specific design guides, Decorating tips for kitchens, bedrooms, and more!

Music Blog

Music blogs have a wide audience who search for critiques on the best and trending music and specific niches of music. Music lovers enjoy songs from different languages, cultures, and more… Music blogs report the latest news from the music scene, review new releases, give the dates for upcoming tours and festivals, and discuss music!

Tech blog

Tech Bloggers. If you’re a wiz with tech and gadgets, then this is probably the best type of blog for you to start. Tech bloggers review electronics, software, and the like, plus give their thoughts on emerging technology and trends. They serve as windows into the realms of the tech universe. They play a crucial role in keeping the audience updated on the rapid developments in the tech world!

Pet Blog

Pet blogging is the act of creating content about animals, typically pets, for an online audience. It can range from general pet care tips to more specific topics, such as breed-specific advice or travel tips for pet owners and fun stories about our beloved pets. Plus, if you love your furry friends, pet blogging will be a whole lot of fun.

Reverse Blog

Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. Reverse or guest host blogs are a unique but modern type of blog. Instead of the owner creating content, the content is supplied by the public.

Political blogs

Political blogs have maybe the most passionate audiences of all. They cover news on politics, analyze political news, and can quickly build a very large and loyal following. There are places where talking about politics is more appropriate than others. A definite safe place to do so is on a political blog. 

Blogging Blog

Blogging Blog Example. Here at Born To Blog Club, we write about how to start and monetize a blog, create compelling content, and start a career as a freelance blogger! But blogging is not just for your readers. It’s also for yourself.

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